Integrated Security

We can help your business security systems work together to form a comprehensive and integrated solution tailored to your every need. 

We can ensure all your security methods work together these include:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems - Security and Fire

Today’s security threats to industry and commerce, along with more stringent compliance codes and standards, highlight the need for more comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Clarus Systems offers the latest technology combined with expert advice, installation and maintenance to ensure your security system delivers optimal performance, 24/7.

The Process


We survey your site and discuss your requirements and expectations.

We listen closely to what you say to ensure we understand exactly what you need.

We offer our advice and recommend a suitable, customised solution.

Design and Proposal

We begin the design process and present you with our proposed plan.

Project management and Installation

Once approved, we begin the installation process.


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Frequently asked questions:

Are you able to provide a range of solutions to suit larger and smaller businesses?

A core component of the solutions we are able to provide is their flexibility – we are able to scale solutions to suit both a business's budget and growth plans, so that over the course of time security systems can be expanded and extended to match a business's growth.


At Clarus Systems we recognise the value that SMEs bring to the national economy. Our approach is to support this industry by providing a range of cost-effective, innovative and effective integrated security systems that protect SMEs from any range of threats.

Our expert team is here to help your SME integrate a security system that is professionally assessed, specified and installed with your budget, as well as your immediate and long-term needs in mind.


Our expert team is also able to provide highly-specialised integrated security systems to larger enterprises that need complex solutions to security threats such as cyber-attacks. We are able to provide advanced access security solutions such as smart card and biometric access and monitoring, as well as network protections such as SCIF installations, mobile access protection, employee mustering solutions and more.

Do I need to know what system I want before contacting Clarus Systems?

Not at all – Clarus Systems are available to assess, guide and advise you to ensure that your needs are met. We recognise that every client is different, and every solution needs to be tailored accordingly. That's why we offer a turnkey solution for every client, guaranteeing quality no matter what the budget.

How long does a security system installation take?

The duration of installation is dependent on several factors, including the size of the premises where the system is being installed, the type of system that is being installed and the internal structures of the building.

Each project we undertake will come with a full assessment and estimate of installation time, as well as regular communication throughout the process so that you're always up-to-date.

We also work in as unobtrusive a manner as possible to minimize disruption to your daily activities and will work as quietly and neatly as possible, taking care to conceal wiring wherever possible.

However, where wiring is simply not an option, Wire Free door contacts, motion sensors and smoke detectors are available, although these can be more costly than wired options.

What impact will a security system have on my insurance?

There are several factors to consider here. Premises that have visible, appropriately- installed security systems are less at risk than premises without, which means you're already a lower risk profile for your insurance company.

This means that you are likely to pay both a lower monthly premium, as well as a lower excess in the event of a security incident. You are also far more likely to be able to assist in the recovery of any stolen goods if you can provide police with video or photographic evidence.

How will my security system be monitored?

There are several options for the monitoring of integrated security systems. Depending on the system you choose, Clarus Systems can connect your system to a live response control room, as well as help you install smartphone apps so that you're also able to monitor your system. Systems are also able to send out basic notifications such as text or email notifications to let you know the status of the system, or whether there has been an attempted breach.

Is my security system affected by power outages?

This depends on the type of system that is installed. Clarus Systems is able to specify and install backup systems to ensure your security system can remain operational during outages and keep your business or home safe.

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