Why Your Business Needs a Security System

posted on: Fri, 23 08 2019 - 03:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV

When you think of reasons to install a security system at home or at your business premises, it's usually because we believe that maintaining a safe perimeter is the primary driver.

And whilst perimeter and access area security is of paramount importance, there are actually a number of other good reasons why a properly-specified and installed security system can be of great benefit.

Security is an investment

Your assets at home or at work are valuable and precious to you, and especially in the professional context are at the heart of your operational capability.

Losing these assets through theft is not only traumatic but can seriously limit your ability to run your business, leading to significant loss of earnings. You may also lose vital or sensitive data which can have serious consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

And while insurance has a part to play in repairing the situation, the fact is that it's far better to take the preventative steps to ensure your premises are less likely to suffer the loss in the first instance.

Making the investment to install a high-quality security system not only significantly reduces your threat of burglary, but plays an integral role in keeping your insurance premiums as low as possible – the less the risk, the lower the premium!

Send the right message

Many businesses deal in cash transacting, and whilst this is normal business practice it does present a number of risks.

The most significant of these is robbery or theft from an outside party. It's a simple truth that premises with ineffective, outdated or non-existent security systems are at far higher risk of robbery – a situation which can be significantly improved by installing visible, up-to-date security systems.

Similarly, there are internal risks too – not all staff are as honest as they'd have you believe, and where there is a chance to behave unethically some unfortunately will. But by installing the proper security systems, you'll send the right message to your staff that those who take the risk of stealing are very likely to be seen and caught.

Peace of mind

One of the most significant benefits of a properly integrated security system is that it gives you peace of mind.

From remote real-time monitoring and system management on digital devices to knowing that your alarm system is connected to a response centre, you'll rest far easier whether you're away from your business for a few days, away on holiday for extended periods or simply have a business that operates at odd hours.

Your staff are more protected, your assets are under professional monitoring and you'll not have to be the one worrying if there is an alarm trigger – leave it to the professionals!

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Why Your Business Needs a Security System
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