Integrated CCTV solutions remain a major factor in highly-effective security systems. From protecting your perimeter to monitoring in-business activity, CCTV systems protect both your employees and your business assets.

Make sure your security team is up to date with the latest developments with our regular industry news and technology updates in this core security sector.

Simple, Cost-Effective Security Options for Winter

posted on: Wed, 28 10 2020 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
As winter approaches and the nights draw in, the likelihood of crime increasing becomes ever more...
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Video Surveillance on a Budget: What to consider

posted on: Tue, 18 08 2020 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
As businesses begin a slow recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic there is an additional pressure to be
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New CCTV Technology will ‘read emotions’

posted on: Thu, 23 07 2020 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
CCTV has long been a core part of modern security systems, giving real-time visibility on movement
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Integrated Security Solutions: A key part of building Business Value

posted on: Thu, 21 11 2019 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
Keeping your business protected and valuable takes an integrated approach to security.
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Why Your Business Needs a Security System

posted on: Fri, 23 08 2019 - 03:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
When you think of reasons to install a security system at home or at your business premises...
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The latest on CCTV tech

posted on: Thu, 26 07 2018 - 01:30:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) have evolved vastly in the last few years, as Wi-Fi...
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CCTV: highly effective security option

posted on: Wed, 25 07 2018 - 03:30:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV
There are a number of crime prevention and detection systems on the market. from beam and magnet...
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