Top Tips for Business Security During Covid-19 Closures

posted on: Thu, 30 04 2020 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | Access Control

The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the United Kingdom and the world at large.

For us all, there are many things to consider, from the immediate safety of our families to the various people we know and care about in our daily lives.

For business owners, the considerations are even greater – not only are they having to contend with protecting the wellbeing of their staff, but also having to stay alert to the myriad implications of the lockdown on their ability to trade.

Although certain businesses are beginning to re-open under strict health and safety protocols, with the majority of businesses, especially SMEs, having closed their doors until the crisis alleviates, the number of business premises standing unoccupied for long periods of time has exponentially increased.

And many business premises will still hold valuable stock in-store during this period, all of which creates an environment in which crime could become a significant problem.

Whether it’s breaking and entering, theft or vandalism, business owners need to be as prepared as possible to protect their premises during these uncertain times.

There are some simple steps to follow to help keep your business safe:

  • Ensure you secure ‘home base’ by checking that all your entrances and exits are securely closed and locked, and that locking mechanisms are fully functional.
  • Check your interior and exterior lighting, perimeter access points and fences
  • Check that any CCTV systems, integrated security systems and alarms are fully functional by conducting tests where possible.
  • Discuss your concerns with your on-call security company if your system is connected to a response team. Let them know when you will be open and closed, and which of your staff are meant to be on the premises at any given time. Ask them to conduct regular checks to ensure that only authorised people are on the premises.
  • If you have highly-valuable items that can be transported relatively easily, it may be worth taking these home and keeping them there until the situation returns to normal. But ensure that your insurance company is aware of the move and that this doesn’t impact on either your home or business cover.
  • If you cannot remove the items, ensure that they are stowed in a lockable cupboard, safe, cage or other secure area.
  • If possible, mark your property with name, contact details and business details using a UV pen, stamp, engraving device or forensic marking, as this can make recovery in the event of a theft far easier.
  • Remove all cash from the building, if applicable.
  • Speak to your local constabulary should you have any concerns or questions.

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Top Tips for Business Security During Covid-19 Closures
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