Simple, Cost-Effective Security Options for Winter

posted on: Wed, 28 10 2020 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV

As winter approaches and the nights draw in, the likelihood of crime increasing becomes ever more real. Compounding the issue is extra economic pressure felt by those who have lost earnings due to Covid-19, all of which means that home and business owners should expect a rise in crime over the coming months.

To help combat crime without having to spend tens of thousands of pounds, there are some simple security upgrades you can review and implement.

At the base of a good modern security system is robust internet – a stable, fast connection opens up a wide range of new products that use internet signal to deliver features.

One of the easiest first lines of defence is a video doorbell that connects to your smartphone app, giving a you high-definition view of the person at your door no matter where you are. You’re also able to communicate with the person at the door, adding an extra layer of security checks.

There are many video doorbells which have cameras that will switch to night vision mode either automatically or on a schedule and can record preset amounts of footage (prior to the bell being rung, during and after) so that you can keep an eye on activity.

Another comparatively inexpensive yet highly effective measure is CCTV – in recent times prices of multi-camera systems has really come down, and with internet connectivity you’ll be able to monitor your home or business premises remotely or on-site at any point. 

As with the video doorbells, many CCTV systems offer automatic switching between day and night mode, motion activated recording, two-way audio, and even alarm and light triggers to offer a comprehensive solution to your home or business security. 

To help protect and monitor your entrances and exits, there is a wide range of smart door locks, or door access systems, which integrate with smartphone apps and other technologies to help you not only secure an entry point, but monitor and manage who is able to access it, and when.

You’re able to manage permissions in real time, meaning you can grant or revoke someone’s access to certain areas in your work or home premises, and keep a log of who came and went, and what time. This, correlated with CCTV data, means you’re far more easily able to secure your premises, signal to anyone with nefarious plans that you take your security seriously, and manage your day-to-day security remotely with a great deal of ease.

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Simple, Cost-Effective Security Options for Winter
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