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posted on: Thu, 26 07 2018 - 01:30:00 by Clarus Systems | CCTV

Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) have evolved vastly in the last few years, as Wi-Fi-readiness, attribute recognition, lens, storage and mobile technology has improved to give users a range of excellent options.

Smart cameras offer the above attributes and have become smaller and more robust as well, meaning it’s easier than ever to have a CCTV system installed at your premises.

Smart cameras can offer the following technology advantages:

  • Wi-Fi-capable – this means they can connect directly to your existing Wi-Fi network and can broadcast images and footage to your Smartphone or laptop
    • This also means reduces the need for a network recorder (hard drive) which can be costly. Instead, the footage can be locally stored on a microSD Card, or on the Cloud
  • Motion-triggered and Infra-Red – for security systems this has a number of advantages
    • Alerts you when there is unauthorised activity
    • Only records once it’s been triggered, keeping storage requirements to a necessary minimum
    • Can include recognition features that distinguish between people, traffic, animals etc.
    • Records in daytime and night-time conditions – at night the Infra-Red capability allows the camera to operate in dark or low light conditions
  • High Definition image quality – this is particularly important for use in insurance claims and investigative procedures
  • Audio capability – many cameras offer audio capability along with image broadcast
  • Wide Dynamic Range capability – this is an in-built light balancing technology that means your camera displays an even picture in variable lighting conditions
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom – many cameras can be remotely operated to follow any suspicious activity by panning, tilting or zooming
  • Tamper detection – many cameras offer an alert (via SMS or email) if there is any attempt to tamper with them

Taking things to the next level

There are some camera manufacturers that have taken recognition capabilities to a whole new level.

In Canada, for example, Avigilon Corporation has announced the next evolution of its Appearance Search software, which allows users to initiate a search for a person by defining certain physical characteristics or attributes including hair and clothing colour, gender and age.

Once the parameters have been entered, the software is able within seconds to search all cameras across an entire network to identify persons fitting that description, significantly enhancing security operations for businesses.

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The latest on CCTV tech
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