How Can You Avoid Common Alarm Faults?

posted on: Thu, 30 05 2019 - 12:00:00 by Clarus Systems | Alarm Systems

The key to protecting your premises is having a professionally-installed, bespoke alarm system. This provides the first essential layer of protection against the threat of intruders or vandals. Not only this, alarm systems may also reduce insurance costs and can provide vital evidence in the event of an insurance claim.

Ensuring you take the necessary steps to look after and maintain your alarm ensures optimal performance and reduces faults. Below we list the top ways you can avoid common alarm faults and keep your system in top working order.

Expert Installation

Avoiding an alarm fault starts right at the beginning through proper, expert installation. The number of intruder alarms available to buy online is on the rise and unfortunately, this means they are fitted without the essential knowledge and training that is required. 

Your alarm system should be fitted by a certified engineer to guarantee it is compliant with British and European standards. Not only this, certified engineers will be able to provide extensive advice on system design, installation methods used and any initial questions or concerns you have upon installation.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

As the components in intruder alarms are made of complicated electronics, they are sometimes vulnerable to failure which in turn, causes false alarms. Even if your alarm system has been properly fitted, you still need to make sure that you book regular maintenance appointments to ensure it is always in top working condition. 

To discuss a regular maintenance and servicing schedule for your system, please contact us. 

Training for Your Alarm System

It is more than likely multiple people will be using your alarm. This means that it is vital all the relevant users have adequate training on how to use the alarm system, detect issues and carry out simple troubleshooting, through to who they should contact regarding more complex issues.

Ensure Detectors are Free from Obstructions

Upon installation, your alarm engineer will ensure that all areas surrounding detectors are free from obstructions. As intruder alarm detectors are highly sensitive, it is essential all areas are clear after installation to avoid a false alarm.

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How Can You Avoid Common Alarm Faults?
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