Biometric Access Control: no shortage of benefits

posted on: Tue, 17 07 2018 - 05:30:00 by Clarus Systems | Access Control

Access control is a vital part of your business’s security systems. There are a number of Access Control systems available, offering advantages and disadvantages, but of these, Biometric offers the greatest benefits and fewest downsides.

Current tech: the upsides and downsides

Many access control systems use key fobs, swipe cards or access codes (PINs), but these present a number of obvious pitfalls. While they can be cost-effective and easy to implement, there is always the possibility of:

  • Cards/fobs being lost or stolen
  • Cards/fobs being shared between more than one person (against company policy)
  • PINs being forgotten or passed on to someone else (against company policy)

Not only can the above cause security breaches, but it’s also very difficult to maintain accurate data about times and places of entry/exit by individuals – information which can be useful for HR, payroll, Health & Safety and management purposes.

Biometric systems: the advantages

Biometric systems use primarily fingerprint scanners to operate access control doors, offering the following distinct advantages:

  • Fingerprints are unique to individuals, and therefore cannot be forged or stolen, or passed on to other individuals to use
  • Each individual whose fingerprints are captured in a secure system can then be monitored using time and attendance software to collect valuable data such as payroll, health and safety, location etc.

Biometric systems are flexible and robust:

  • Use them on turnstiles, doors, booms
  • Units for internal and external use
  • Can integrate with existing systems to add additional layers of security and information
    • This is particularly useful where certain areas need to be access controlled by a security ranking
  • Can be expanded as a business’s needs grow
  • Allow for secure 24/7 access
  • Offers additional real-time information in the event of an emergency evacuation

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